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VISION IN ACTION URBAN LAB – Now accepting applicants for summer 2015!


Who we are

The Guild is a community-driven social enterprise engaged in holistic, sustainable urban development. We are dedicated to inner city equity, prosperity, health and beauty. 

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Vision-In-Action Urban Lab

An international program in urban sustainability and community-driven development, the Guild offers local immersion and collaboration opportunities for individuals seeking meaningful experience, experiential learning and direct action. 

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Sustainability Corps

Bring your team to volunteer with the Guild and experience a dynamic and high impact day – or seasonal program – of urban transformation and sustainability. 


An Open Door

Powered by private, public and community resources and assets, the Guild engages inner city youth in our in dynamic sustainability projects that transform urban neighborhoods.


Art Engaged

We invite local, national, and international artists to spend a year in residency at the Sustainability Guild creating art that explores themes of urban communities as emergent hubs of sustainability and innovation.


Building the Future

The Guild is working to develop a hub of community social enterprise that develops and showcases the inner-city as a site of sustainability innovation and expertise.